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Middleton Asparagus has grown in Pasco, WA since 1978. 

We now grow 250 acres in Pasco and Burbank, WA. Our high quality asparagus is perfect for BBQ, pickling, and any other recipe you'd like to use it in.

We grow delicious and fresh asparagus from our farm from early April through Mid June. Visit our farm to purchase fresh cut asparagus harvested that morning.
For wholesale pricing, please call (509)547-5668

Pickled Asparagus

We offer delicious pickled asparagus at our farm.

Our asparagus comes in four delicious flavors: Regular, Spicy, Purple Regular, Purple Spicy. These are the perfect snack and have many nutrious qualities. We hope you enjoy.
Pickled Aspargus is available at our stand, our festivals, and in local grocery stores like Red Apple and Grocery Outlet. For wholesale pricing, please call (509)547-5668


Along with our festivals, we grow top quality hay in the Columbia Basin.  

Again this year, Middleton Farms has hay for sale. Near the end of May, we’ll be ready to load you up or deliver (Monday through Saturday) Alfalfa in bales, Alfalfa Grass bundles and Teff Hay are available. Big bales are available if you prefer them.

As always, we guarantee the quality of our hay. If it’s not acceptable, you can return it and we’ll replace it.
Call 509.547.5668 for more information!