About Us

We are local farmers who grow memories for our community. 

We put on festivals and u-pick opportunities for the Columbia Basin to have fun and enjoy friends and family.

We hope you make memories that last a lifetime as you pick the perfect pumpkin, get lost in the maze, ride a horse for the first time, or shoot a potato out of a potato blaster. 

Our Story

The Middletons have a tradition of farming. Bill and Cinda’s grandparents and parents were farmers in California and Nebraska before moving to North Pasco to farm in the “blocks.”

In 1974, after trying his hand at other careers, Bill decided that it was time to continue the family tradition. The only problem was that all he had was $100 and a pickup. With drive, determination, and the knowledge from generations before, he began to thrive.

Bill married Cinda in 1976, and together they took up farming. In 1979 they purchased a patch of hilly sagebrush and developed it into a farm producing asparagus, hay, corn, wheat, alfalfa seed and green peas. Over the years the farm was expanded to 840 owned acres and 1700 rented acres.

They consider their greatest blessing to be their family: six sons, six daughters-in-law and thirteen grandchildren. The farming tradition continues into yet another generation: son Keith has his own farm in Central Oregon and sons Matt, Scott and Mark farm with Bill and Cinda.